Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Hello peeps!
How are you doing?
When is the last time you log in to your tumbr page? Me? Erm.. 2 weeks ago.
Strolling down my tumblr page, the one that I haven't log in for like bazillian years, I came across this one gif  image (not included here) which  immediately caught my eyes because it kind of describing who I am. It shows a denotation of the word PLUVIOPHILE, a lover of rain..

someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. I love the smell of rain.  I like the smell of rain on dry earth and I don't even know why. weird, isn't it?
Yes, I love rain but sometimes rainy day make me wish that I could go outside, desperately! ( not that I have anything that I wanted to do, but to lose the privileges to get out there whenever I want to kind of  make me feel..erm.. anxious?)

A thought came to me. I love rain but then how I should have spend my time during rainy days? what do people do during  this time? surprisingly every activity seems to come to an end when it rains. Does loving it means I should have just sit back, relax and enjoy it?
There are sure tones of other activities though , of course not the-boring-and-unproductive one like the one that I usually do.

 I admit that I usually rather spend the time sitting by the window . You know, wasting my time just watching and continue watching the rain pouring , listening to the pattering of raindrops on rooftop,enjoying the sound of the water slowly making it way into the drain and at the same time me,  feeling so peaceful and blessed. ( sometimes bored.. haha..Just writing this down make me feel boring...).  

I did some googling on what other people do during rainy day (takde keje)(just curious, although I do have the idea) . Ahaa!! Another thing to do during rainy day is to google what other people do during rainy day.. Lol

Moving on..
Some people rather spend the time

Hiding under soft blanket.. Enjoying the cold weather by getting warm.. Me included..
Although I prefer the combination of



And this

To get warm.

Some people prefer to sleep (me included) (again)  with Malaysia's weather it feel so much more comfortable to sleep during rainy day. My theory,maybe because it is dark outside, our brain kind of misinterpret that it is time to sleep wehehe..Thus zzz although some people might say that to spend this comfortable time by sleeping is such a waste  but trust me tons of people doing it..

This is another thing most people do during rainy day. In cinema or

At home. 

In front of tv or

Watching movie is never boring.. After the unfortunate events that occurred to my external hrd disk This option kind of out of the list. My collection of movie is kind of limited right now.. T-T

So people, here a few things that I believe might be a good way to kill the time the next time it rains.  You should try it too.

Baking.  Maybe trying out some recipes that I gather here and there or maybe   trying out the famous and glorious apple strudel recipe that I just learned from Iman. I prefer my fruit raw and fresh,  but then I got my parents and adik who might enjoy it so why not. 
 There are endless recipes to cook. I just need to get started, there is no need to wait for the rain to come  though..haha

I am thinking of spending the time doing chores.. Arranging what need to be arranged, washing what need to be washed (dishes I mean not clothes), ironing what need to be ironed.... But then this activity kind of like..how should I to put this..erm.. Another endless things to do but not in a good way. It seems like it took me forever to finish a chore.. Hehe besides I do this everyday. What different will it make if I do it during rainy day..

My friend said something about rainy day does not mean that we need to keep trapped indoor. She said that we should grab our umbrella and go for a walk. To  friends' house maybe  , hang out and do some activities together just to make something useful of our day. But then, personally I think if you want to get more fun out of rainy day and if you’re  really do not mind getting wet, leave the umbrella hanging and grab ur flip flop instead  and get out there!! Seronoknya!!

Sound  seriously fun, right .  I have never done this though, i do not go far  from only sticking out my foot to the  water dripping from the roof .

So to other pluviophile out there.Keep it your way peeps!! enjoy it the way that fit you the most.
p/s : The 2nd pic went to some serious alteration  but please be noted that all of these images are the courtesy of Mr Google.
Till then,
Jumpa lagi, bye, sayonara, annyeonghi gaseyo, zai jian!!